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My name is Daniela, and in 2015, I created the womenswear fashion brand Daniela Salazar, which is located and producing in Berlin.

The clothes I create embody my mixed inspirations and cultures and blend simple shapes, clear cuts with an extra twist and a colourful palette used for uni-coloured pieces. They are a combination of the laid-back and colourful attitude from my Latin-American roots and the practical European minimalism, from the cities I have lived in.

It is all about designing modern looks with a feminine feeling, while keeping standards high with mindfully sourced and locally produced pieces and by working with sustainable fabrics.

I want the brand to represent a positive view on fashion by communicating about the creative and production process and developing the ecologic and sustainable idea with transparency through the years.
That means sharing the hard work and enthusiasm behind every piece created for you.


I was born and raised in Venezuela, spending my years between one of its sunniest towns Maracaibo and my family’s “hometown” island Margarita, also known as the pearl of the Caribbean. I also lived in Mexico, France and now Germany, which makes all these countries feel a bit like my second home.
After getting my degree with honours in Graphic design in Venezuela, I went to Paris to study Fashion design in one of its most prestigious fashion schools where I acquired several experiences in different areas and was able to learn from renowned names of the fashion scene.
With my graduation collection, I was chosen as the French winner of the H&M Design Award 2013.
After graduation, I worked as a fashion designer for Chloé, where my passion for draping and volume research became stronger.
Shortly after moving to Berlin, encouraged by my family and friends, I decided to implement my skills and started “Daniela Salazar” as an independent fashion label to create something more personal and to express my own style and vision.
I’m passionate about pattern draping and the architecture of a garment. I love minimal design and working with a focus on details, at the same time I want to capture a feel-good mood in my clothes, playing with my love for colours.

I love to discover new places at the weekend and to enjoy the sun in the summer days.
I also like to watch documentaries about astronomy.
I’m a cat person, collector of postcards, addicted to crisps, and a fan of chair design, interior design and architecture.
I enjoy to find colour combinations in everyday things, or just like Picasso, loving one colour for a whole season.


“Made with love in Berlin” is my saying!
Keeping it as local as possible is my aim.


With the commitment to work with quality craftsmanship and keeping standards high with locally produced pieces in Berlin, Germany, I spent a long time looking for the perfect manufacturer for each garment in the collection and I’m proud to say that from now on I can be partnered with very talented makers.

The production team from The Fashitects is composed of highly-trained staff which makes them the ideal partners for the brand.
They work with high-quality means of production, cooperating and providing solutions for my ideas. In addition, they are an established training company and achieve their social responsibility with the formation of young professionals.


For recent collections, we have selected a made-to-order production – in that way each new product is manufactured once you place an order. With this kind of manufacture we will only produce what you really want, at the same time it will let us avoid excess inventory and adopt a more sustainable practice focused on quality and not quantity. This process might take a little longer, but believe me, the wait will be worthwhile!


The brand uses ecologic and deadstock fabrics from European suppliers and is socially conscious, as all the design and production is made in Berlin, Germany, so that the whole process can be easily controlled.
Just small collections are developed, to focus on quality and not quantity and communicating about the creative and production process.
The philosophy is to create beautiful and comfortable pieces with a smile effect and that you just cannot stop wearing.
They are clothes that are thought to last, not only because of their materials, but also their style.
I want to contribute to the creation of fewer and better studied collections, to obtain pieces that make a fuller better life.
I want you to feel the passion beneath my products and the brand, to show you the story behind so we can appreciate together the hard work behind what we wear.