Winter 16 Inspirations

Winter 16 Inspirations

I believe that every new collection is an opportunity to show the things and people that inspire us the most as a designer. This time it was a bit harder to start with the collection, it took me some time to find the inspiration and theme that would help me to visually communicate my ideas, but when I finally found it, all the different ideas that I had came together naturally. It is a process that you cannot hurry up with and even if you try, maybe you don’t feel completely happy with it because it just doesn’t feel that all together fits well.


Writing this post also took me a while, I must say writing is not the easiest thing to do for me and most of the time I just don’t feel like doing it, but I’m sure that with some time and practice, writing will become something easier for me to do. It is also important for me to let you know the story behind every collection, the months of planning and work before a single piece is ready. There’s always a story behind, with lots of trial and error.


As you might have noticed, it is usually not very obvious in my collections what my inspirations were because I like to mix different things together. This time I wanted to capture an artistic mood with my clothes and as a colour fan myself, I found Josef and Anni Albers’ colour and design theories and their philosophy about it very interesting. Josef Albers was a colour theorist and artist now best-known for the Homages to the Square he painted between 1950 and 1976 and for his innovative 1963 publication Interaction of Colour. Anni Albers was a textile designer, weaver, writer, and printmaker who inspired designers to reconsider fabrics as an art form, both in their functional roles and as wall hangings. I was really inspired by the design theories of both of them, i.e. Anni Albers and her selected writings on design and Josef’s colour theories. Many of their quotes inspired me, like for example this one:


“Having fewer things sets for the designer a fundamentally new task, as it implies designing things for more inclusive use…It is designing in a manner to hold our interest beyond the moment. Pure forms will never bore us.” Annie Albers, May 1943.


I interpreted their work when creating the colour palette and choosing the fabrics for the collection, while I focused on the colours and textures rather than making an obvious interpretation of their work. For the rich colour palette, I was inspired by works like Triadic, Park and Homage to the Square, including burgundy, blue, pink, lavender, green, grey, off-white. These unexpected colours for winter and the playful weaves give a modern twist to the classic, minimalistic shapes.


Fabrics are very important for me, and this time I continued using the beautiful organic cotton and hemp fabrics. At the same time, I also wanted to add knitwear – if I’m honest, it never attracted me much during fashion school, but I love to wear pullovers and one of my main goals as a designer is to create a wardrobe that I myself would love to wear. So for winter, knitwear just belongs to it. I decided to give it a try and added a few pieces that are truly wardrobe essentials for me, that I always wanted or that I couldn’t find with the right fit. One example is a pullover dress that is slightly oversized, with the right curved shape on the hips and back, so it flatters the shape of the body while keeping a relaxed fit. Or a turtleneck that doesn’t fit too tightly on the neck, giving the perfect amount of warmth and comfort. Both pieces were crafted in the softest 100% hemp knit fabric.


The summer classic tops and trousers were adapted to the winter weather, with longer sleeves and legs. With their streamlined tailoring and carefully crafted in the finest 100% organic cotton in a vibrant green colour and neutral grey, these pants and tops are both classic and sophisticated. The sweatpants are truly a favourite piece of mine, but don’t necessarily have to be worn as a sport option. I think they are a great option when you mix it in a more chic way. For example, I love to wear them during spring or autumn with ballerinas or in winter with low boots. Crafted in the cosiest 100% organic cotton velour, these sweatpants feel so luxurious and the knit makes them warm and comfortable, plus navy is a perfect base colour that can be elegantly combined with other dark or bright colours.


The culottes are so simple yet perfect, with a high waist and the right shape and volume. Made in the finest 100% organic cotton, they can be worn all year round. I also reinterpreted some of my summer favourites, like the frills dress and top. This time they are crafted in an easy but polished 100% organic cotton velour, in navy blue or with stripes, giving them a modern, feminine feel. The summer’s halter neck dress was reinterpreted into the pinafore dress, perfect for the whole year round with its equally easy-going and feminine style. Crafted in 100% hemp twill fabric with the perfect shade of burgundy, one of my favourite colours.


I hope that you will fall in love with these pieces as much as I do. On the one hand, my aim was to create chic and uncomplicated pieces to wear – not only for winter, but for most of the year. On the other hand, the construction of the pieces is kept structured and minimal with a feminine touch to make them statement pieces in your wardrobe for many years on.